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Thursday, June 23, 2022

Bella Needs A Home


Name -  Bella 
Primary breed - Hound 
Secondary breed - Beagle 
Mixed breed? Yes 
Gender - Female
Spayed/Neutered? Yes 
Date of Birth or Age  2.5 years 
Weight 25 - 30 pounds
House-trained? Yes, after the first two days in her foster home
Crate-trained? Yes - She sought out her kennel on her own last night, after only a week of kennel-training.
Good with cats? Yes. Cats may not appreciate her curiosity about them, however. 
Good with small/young children? Yes. Preschoolers and up should do fine.  She may be overly affectionate for toddlers. 
Reaction to new people (select one of the following):  Friendly - (Very!) 
Activity level (select one of the following): Moderately active - Outdoors she likes to explore and run. She settles well indoors. 
Likes to vocalize (select one of the following): • Quiet, mostly - She does not bark, but does whine at first in new situations.
Obedience training (select one of the following): • Needs training - appears to be trainable  
Does the dog know any commands? If so, which? Attends to her name. Just learning 'Sit'. 
Can jump fences? No - Shows no interest in fences at her foster home, except to run over to see neighbor children.
Does the dog have any of the following behaviors/personality traits that you know of (select ALL that apply): X=Yes
 X  Walks well on leash (Walks eagerly and may pull some) 
 X • Does well in the car (Jumps right in, rides well) 
 X  Lap pet (A bit large but loves to cuddle) 
No • Protective/Territorial 
No • Tries to escape/Flight risk 
X• Obedient - (Eager to please) 
X• Playful - (With other animals, yes.  She doesn't appear to have experience with toys.)
No • Timid/Shy (Occasionally is surprised by new items/situations. Startled briefly the first time she saw an open dishwasher, for instance.)
No • Skittish (see above)
X• Affectionate 
X• Eager to please 
X• Independent - She has spent a lot of time alone in the past, and amazingly doesn't seem to have been harmed by that.
X• Even-tempered 
X• Gentle 
No • Goofy, (But I hope she will develop a sense of humor.) 
No • Drools excessively 
X • Has allergies (provide details) In her previous home she was fed mainly chicken breast, and that limited diet may have contributed to mild allergic skin condition...some balding along edges of ears and irritation and redness inside her ears.  She is improving after about 10 days on a more appropriate diet, and will have a vet check of her skin this week.  Because of the overexposure to chicken, it might be best for her to have a diet without that protein.
X • Special diet required (provide details) (See above, waiting vet recommendation....)
20. Does the dog have any of the following compatibility qualities that you know of (select ALL that apply): 
No • Older/considerate children only (Preschoolers and up should be fine...she seeks out children.)
X • Good for seniors/elderly (Active seniors who want to keep active would enjoy her.)
? • Needs a companion animal (She would love a home with other animals, but is fine with an attentive owner or family as well.)
X • Appropriate for an apartment (Especially with regular trips to a dog park or other space to run.)
X • Appropriate for a first time dog owner (I would recommend obedience training for the owner/family and Bella.)
21. Please include any other information about the dog that you feel is important for EHR to know when selecting a potential adopter to ensure a successful forever placement. 
22. Please include any other information about the dog you feel is important for a potential adopter to know to ensure a successful forever placement
Bella has had two former families....a family with a school-aged boy, and a single male owner who lost his home and was unable to keep Bella.  Especially in the second home she has been alone for ten or more hours a day.  She really enjoys time with family and other pets, and shows affection freely.  She will appreciate routine and daily activity and attention.  She would benefit from basic obedience training with her owner/family.
*When meeting new dogs, Bella may need help to read their cues, to know when to back away.  Some dogs may not appreciate her being 'in their face!'

Bella is currently being fostered in North Carolina and can be transported to New Jersey upon request.

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