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Thursday, April 28, 2022

Grover Needs A Home

Name - Grover

Primary breed - Pitbull

Secondary breed - Unknown

Gender - Male   

Spayed/Neutered? Yes

Date of Birth or Age - 1.5 Years Old

Weight - 50 Pounds

House-trained? Yes

Crate-trained? Yes

Good with cats? He is afraid of them, has never tried to harm one

Good with small/young children?  He likes children, but he does get very excited around them.  Older and respectful children preferred.

Reaction to new people - Friendly

Activity level: Highly Active

Likes to vocalize: Some

Obedience training:  Has some basic training

Does the dog know any commands? Yes - sit, crate up, easy (when taking food)

Can jump fences?  Has not tried with a 6 foot fence at foster's, but please don't take any chances

Dog has the following behaviors/personality traits: Walks well on leash, does well in car, obedient, playful, affectionate, eager to please, even tempered, goofy

Dog has the following compatibility qualities: not appropriate for an apartment and may be too much for a first time dog owner

Grover is good with other dogs but needs a slow introduction because his immediate reaction is to play.  He puts is paws over the back of the other dogs and that can sometimes create issues with the other dog.  He plays rough and needs some training.  It's not in a fighting way, he just gets really excited.  He can be loud in his crate when he wants out, but he is currently crated near a dozen other dogs.  He is active and needs exercise but settles nicely.  He is great off leash and has great recall.  Smart boy who wants to please!  Will you be the person to give Grover the family he has never known?

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